• Ultra-filtrated Whey Protein
  • Contains 73 % protein
  • 8 g BCAA per shake

The My Supps 100% Whey Protein is a high-value Whey protein concentrate mixed with water – it´s both delicious and creamy.

Are you seeking a Whey Protein product with first-class taste and great value for money in order to promote your muscle growth? If so, the My Supps 100% Whey Protein with an excellent amino acid profile is just the thing for you!

Product Highlights

  • Ultra-filtrated Whey Protein Concentrate for muscle building
  • Ideally in the morning and after training
  • 36.5 g Whey Protein per shake (50 g Powder in 250 ml of water)
  • 16.5 g EAA per shake
  • 8.15 g BCAA per shake
  • Extremely delicious and creamy in water
  • 6 different outstanding flavours

The My Supps 100% Whey Protein is exlusively made of premium whey and contains about 73% protein.

After dissolving the powder in water, it turns into an incomparably tasty and especially creamy

shake. It delivers 16.5 g of essential amino acids including 8.15 g of BCAA per serving.

Hence it is suited for all athletes who want to treat their body well after training and therefore support their muscle growth effectively.

Apart from growing and maintaining muscle mass, the Whey Protein contributes to the maintenance of bones, vital for athletes who constantly pose new challenges to their body.