Mysupps 100% Natural vegan protein 2 kg

  • 100 % pea protein
  • Lactose-free
  • Without GMO (no genetic modification)

100% Natural Vegan Protein is an easily soluble and digestible protein concentrate extracted from leguminous vegetables (peas) – an ideal alternative for vegans.

The ideal protein shake, not just for vegans
Although there is a wide range of vegan foods such as tofu on offer, there is a definite lack of vegan protein powders. My Supps 100% Vegan Protein is suitable for training beginners and also hobby and professional athletes. This product makes it easier to satisfy the daily protein requirements of a healthy and balanced diet.


  • Pea protein with an 80 % protein content
  • Delivers more BCAAs per 100 g than beef
  • High content of L-Glutamine, L-Aspartic acid and L-Leucine
  • Free of lactose
  • Good alternative to milk proteins (e.g. casein or whey)
  • Without added aromas, sweeteners or thickening agents

100 % Natural Vegan Protein is another product in the My Supps Natural Series. It is pure protein powder, offered entirely free of additives. The neutral products have high biological value and effectively support muscle growth. Among them 100% Natural Vegan Protein, which appeals to a broad target group.

In addition to vegetarians and vegans, people with lactose intolerance and Muslims seeking to do without products from animal protein sources can benefit from this vegan protein. The neutral powder, mixed with water or a low-fat soy drink to produce a shake, supports the preservation of normal bones and muscles in addition to boosting muscle growth.

Muscles can only grow in a positive energy balance. Even if fat delivers the greatest volume of calories, proteins remain the basic building blocks that the body uses to produce muscle. Fat and carbohydrates do not have this capacity, although they deliver energy to ensure that the metabolic processes run smoothly. This also includes building up muscle mass.

The vegan protein powder can promote the preservation of muscle during phases of diet. Reduced calorie intake during these phases means that increasingly, the body´s own muscle proteins are used in the form of energy as the body seeks to restore equilibrium in the energy balance. And if it receives inadequate amounts of energy from outside, the body will fall back on its own reserves such as muscle proteins.

This is prevented effectively by taking My Supps 100 % Natural Vegan Protein. It means the muscles you worked so hard at developing will be preserved even during a diet.