ingredients :

whey proteins (ultrafiltrated whey protein concentrate , isolateand hydrolysate ) fat redyced cocoa powder , flavor , sweeteners (sucralose (E955) , acesulfame K (E950) , vitamin b6 (prydoxine hcl ) , thickener (xanthin gam (E415)) , soy lecithin ,  allergens: contains milk and lecithin based soy ingredients , contains phenylalanine sourced from whey proteins .

allergen information : ontains dairy product . processed in a facility thet also processes milk , soy , agss , cellery , gluten containing grains and mustard  .

warnings : consumption of this product be supported by an appropriate amount of fluid intake . people under the age of 15 , pregnant or lactating must use according to advaces of a doctor or dietitian . this product is not a medicine . it is not used for the prevention or treatment of diseases . keep the product with cloused cup, in a cool and dry place away from sunlight and humidity . do not exseed the recommended amount . it is recommended to be consumed together with vitamin b1 .

recommended use :

mix 1 scoops /30 g with 300-500 ml water . it is recommended to consume before or after sports activities . you can increase the amountof liquid due to your palate .

does not contain lard and its derivatives .