• 5K protein
  • Patented Wheypep®
  • With L-Carnitine – BCAA and vitamins

Shooting star. Jack of all trades. Favorite protein. The super protein for every sport. We´re talking about the best Power Protein 90 ever. The Body Attack 5K multi-talent convinces all along the line. Perfectly balanced protein components support you in achieving your goals. More than 85% protein from Whey-, Casein- and Egg-Protein, BCAA and L-Carnitine as well as lots of vitamins are standard in our protein powder. That sounds exciting? Yes, it is. The Power Protein 90 is the perfect companion. For you. For everyone. Anytime.

Power Protein 90 is exactly the right choice for these goals:

  • Muscle building and definition
  • Muscle maintenance
  • Diet
  • Between meals or as snack

For whom is the Power Protein 90 suitable:

  • Strength, endurance and fitness athletes
  • Figure-conscious people looking for low-fat shakes
  • For all those who like tasty and healthy drinks


You are searching for the perfect protein powder and suddenly all these questions come up. How much whey protein should it contain? Does it have to be an isolate or rather a concentrate? What is it anyway? Is casein important? With L-Carnitine or without, additional vitamins yes or no?

We help you to make the decision: Our Power Protein 90 is guaranteed to be the right protein powder for you.

Our 5K multi-component protein is composed of different protein sources. The different proteins are perfectly balanced. We manage the balancing act between quickly available protein and sustained muscle supply with high-quality whey and casein protein. Egg protein completes the amino acid profile and ensures the highest biological value. This makes our “All in One” protein shake the perfect all-rounder.

And next time you are trained to make the right decision. That´s a promise.