Body Attack Tribulus 2400 150 caps

The Tribulus from BODY ATTACK is obtained from high-quality Tribulus Terrestris Extract to about 90 percent and not as usual from the extracts of Tribulus plant. Two capsule of BODY ATTACK Tribulus delivers 2,400 mg of Tribulus Terrestris Extract. 960 mg thereof consists of saponins. Saponins are also found in legumes, which also provide proteins apart from essential amino acids. The proteins therein may contribute to the development of muscle mass, because they provide nitrogen molecules that are needed by the body for the development of body and muscle tissue. The saponins in BODY ATTACK Tribulus also have a nitrogen-like compound and can be involved in the nitrogen balance through multiple metabolic processes.

In particular, bodybuilders, who feed exclusively on proteins of animal sources, such as fish, meat and dairy products may optimise their amino acids and nitrogen balance through increased incorporation of proteins of vegetable origin like legumes. In particular, if the goal of workout is more muscle growth, the proteins and their nitrogen molecules are the best sources. Although BODY ATTACK Tribulus does not replace any pulses, it can contribute to supplementation of a protein-and nitrogen-containing diet.

Worth knowing: What is a negative and positive nitrogen balance?

Protein metabolism is always dependent on the nutrients as the body cannot produce nitrogen by itself. Deficiency results in a negative nitrogen balance and means that more body and muscle proteins are burnt up in the energy metabolism than being synthesised. Here, most athletes want to build more muscle mass, but this is only possible through a positive nitrogen balance. That is, when the body gets enough nitrogen molecules from food, it can retain more of the build-up processes. For this reason, all athletes with the goal of building more muscle should choose from a diverse range of food proteins by including more food proteins of vegetable origin such as legumes in the daily menu.


Worth knowing: Why is Tribulus an indispensable part of bodybuilding?

BODY ATTACK Tribulus is a very popular herb plant that has been used as a dietary supplement in bodybuilding and weight training for decades. In the 1980s, Bulgarian strength athletes took Tribulus and reported increase in strength. Since then Tribulus supplements belong to the most favoured dietary supplements. To date, bodybuilders and strength athletes report about their positive properties.

Which products can the BODY ATTACK Tribulus be combined best with?

  1. In combination with the BODY ATTACK Vitamin B Complex, as some B vitamins contribute to the normal energy metabolism
  2. With the BODY ATTACK MACA 3000, which is also used as the tribulus plant by bodybuilders and strength athletes
  3. With the BODY ATTACK BCAA Shots, a liquid whey protein hydrolysate, which may contribute to muscle growth.