Body Attack Arginine Shock 80 maxi caps

Body Attack Arginine Shock 80 maxi caps

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This amino acid is a real all-rounder! Improves the protein supply and ensures more intensive fat burning, dilates the blood vessels for more pumping effect in the veins and is an ideal regeneration promoter. May we introduce: L-Arginine. Your new supplement highlight for new top performances in the gym. Available in high doses and in practical capsules. Will it “shock” your next workout?

The Arginine Shock is the right choice to support the following goals:

  • Muscle growth and maintenance
  • More intensive workout sessions
  • Improved protein supply
  • Figure workout and definition


… of course with the right workout, a proper protein supply and as arginine shock! Your performance should be pushed and your muscle growth should make significant progress? We will help you with your protein-rich diet and present you with a real powerhouse among the amino acids: L-Arginine.

What is L-Arginine? Amino acids are components of proteins. L-arginine – also known as arginine – is a semi-essential amino acid. This means that your body can only partially produce this type of amino acid itself – but not enough in total. Fortunately, there are our Arginine Shock Capsules, which in high doses thoroughly cover your arginine needs.

What does L-Arginine do? Arginine is the “all-rounder” in terms of muscle growth and fitness improvement. The arginine effect in summary: In combination with oxygen and arginine, your body produces nitric oxide and thus expands your blood vessels. Keyword: bulging pump effect during your workouts! The vasodilating effect also has an advantage on your muscles, which are supplied with more blood by the arginine. As a result, more nutrients reach your hard-working muscles. A real gain promoter, this arginine!

A daily intake of 2 to 5g maximum per day has a positive effect on your muscle growth goals. Our Arginine Shock contains a whopping 2.6g per daily dose. This amino acid should not be missing in your supplement cabinet. There are a lot of advantages in it!


Of course we will answer this question beforehand: Our Arginine Shock in capsule form is ideal for when you are on the go. A big sip of water is enough. Taking it with your training booster is also ideal. In our Maxi capsules there is more room for more active ingredients, so that you are optimally equipped for your workout sessions.


Instead of butterflies in your stomach, there is plenty of tingling in your veins. The desire for an iron-hard workout really grows there! The amino acid citrulline, which is often used in pre-workout boosters, is responsible for this positive effect.

In our Arginine Shock capsules, arginine and citrulline work in harmony. This is because citrulline is a precursor of the amino acid arginine and delays its breakdown in your body. This means: the longer your blood vessels are dilated by the effect, the greater your pump during your workouts. A congenial partner who gives you the right tingling sensation for your ultimate pump. This will awaken completely new workout sensations!

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